donuts and glucose

i like being pregnant.
i don't like being pregnant back to back, but i like being pregnant none the less.

i like feeling all the wiggles.
i like not needing to suck in my tummy durning photos.
i like being able to eat whatever i feel like and not being judged.

i have a major food vice when it comes to pregnancy.
i love donuts. love love love love love.
i think about them all the time. probably every morning.
the little iced ones with sweet sprinkles on them, calling to my inner child saying, "if you loved me you'd eat me."
the glazed ones with crumbs....oh. so. good.

however. i do not recommend eating donuts the day of your glucose test.
results can be dangerous.

and by dangerous i mean that you will have elevated levels and they'll tell you to go back and take the 2 hour test.

so you'll go and take this two hour test.

you'll sit in the office making friends with all the "interesting" people going in and out of the lab office.
all of whom will have a personal opinion on the closeness of your pregnancies.
especially one random strange man who asked if you were breastfeeding when you got pregnant.

you'll sit hungry and tired and thirsty for what feels like eternity just so they can poke you half a dozen times.
and might i add that "fasting" for a pregnant woman is just cruel and unusual punishment.
mama needs to eat and have her cup of coffee.

so after they drain you of all your blood, which was clearly to stock up on for vampires such as the Cullens, they'll say you can go.

and from there you'll go to chick-fil-a.
because it's no longer morning time, but now afternoon and you haven't had breakfast yet let alone lunch.

while standing in line you'll notice that you're getting kinda warm.
and your ears are starting to ring.
and your head especially is getting hotter.
and then you'll remember that this is what it feels like moments before you pass out.

you'll order as quickly as possible, hand the sweet little girl behind the counter your money and then tell her you have to go sit because you are dizzy and she's starting to get blurry.
thankfully chick-fil-a has great customer service and she'll bring you your change, a giant water, straws, dip, etc...and your first meal of the day.

after all this. you'll go home and sleep for 2 hours while the kids nap.
while falling asleep praying you don't have gestational diabetes.
because that would be this yucky day times a million.

one and a half days later they'll call you and tell you you're fine and you passed.
really? all that? but, i passed.

so...if the morning of a blood test where they'll be testing your glucose levels, do not have a donut.
or two. okay maybe it was two and a half. but take it from me and my's not worth it.

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