Praise to the Lord {An Update on Emery}

i have GREAT news.

baby Emery is home!!! thanks to all who read and prayed for this sweet girl and her family.

she was getting stronger last week and able to eat on her own a few times on wednesday. this was a huge mile stone. her feeding tube was taken out and she was able to both nurse a little and supplement with a bottle!
she's been improving more and more with her physical therapy and her body is starting to get back on track.

all that combined with her gaining/retaining weight, gave the doctors the confidence to give their family the green light to go home on saturday.
going home is hard work. don't you just want to nibble on those cheeks!!!

there will still be a long road ahead for Dave & Sarah as they continue to work with her and her physical therapy, but thankfully the doctors used amazing God-given judgement and she was only in the hospital 16 days.

please continue to pray for their family as they ease back into regular life with their little girl at home.

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