our "maycation"

our family took two vacations this month.
which is something we don't normally do so that made it extra fun.

our first was the hubster & i's trip to Jamaica. amazing doesn't even being to describe how wonderful it was.

first there was the view. it was breath taking. this is the view from our balcony. and that is our pool. there were three pools in all.
each sunset was gorgeous!!
we got totally spoiled every meal being able to eat "out" if you will.
and bonus... no kid throwing food or tantrums!
but mostly we did this:
and this:
it was so good for our relationship. we hadn't been away together in over 4 years, so this was long overdue.

the second trip was a family wedding down in san diego this last weekend.
aren't they adorable! it's my cousin Molly (who was my maid of honor) and her wonderful new husband Nathan.

we did a little touristy type stuff... sea life aquarium, down town, etc...
but primarily we were here for the wedding.
isn't he just the cutest! i might decide to dress him in a shirt and tie more often. ya know. like to go to target and stuff.
i took this picture between the heads of my aunt & uncle, the parents of the bride.
loved looking at them from their perspective.
and no. he didn't walk down the isle like a good little ring bearer. but hey, he's two. should've known.

notice the tears of sadness. rediculous.

ask my kid to say "cheese", and this is what you get. :)
aren't we cute. me & my man plus the bride & groom.
and then there's this one...this is the real us.
love them. i say that alot, but man do i love them.
family photo attempt. denied.
my kid likes to dance. actually that is an understatement. my kid was obsessed with the dancing.
it seemed though that he really just wanted to dance with the girls and then lead them off the dance floor behind some tree. really made the hubby and i nervous for the future. we're going to have to address that someday.

all in all, despite the hotel fiasco (see here if you don't know what i'm talking about) and realizing we never want to take a toddler to a wedding again. (oh wait. we get to do that in August. never mind.) we did have a great time.

family time is so important and no matter how it's done it needs to happen. so go out there and enjoy some family time!!

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