so i went to the best place in the world yesterday. target.

let's just be honest if i had no money (maybe only enough for a starbucks) and an hour of free time, that's where i'd be. that'd probably be better because i wouldn't spend anything, to my husbands delight.

anywho. my story.

my hubby and i are taking a vacation in 6 weeks to jamaica. no we aren't rich. i won the trip on wheel of fortune. yes, i was on wheel of fortune last year. it's a long story. but the important part was we (my dad & i, family week) won the prize puzzle and each got our own 7 day trip to jamaica.

i want to look cute when we go. not 20 weeks preggers and feeling plump. the hubbs said i could have some extra fun money and get cute clothes for this summer and our trip. (i'll be way preggers in the summer, due september 25)

the first thing i thought of was a swim suit. i hate shopping for swim suits. actually i don't know many people who enjoy shopping for swim suits. it's subconscious-self-image torture.

here's my problem. have you seen the maternity suits out there? maybe not, probably not because you may or may not be pregnant.

well, please allow me to show them to you...

this one's not that bad. except for the fact that it looks like part of my suit is missing and you are getting a peep show at my bra.

what were those pictures where you had to look super close to see the hidden image...
yeah, this is one of those i'm sure of it.

nothing like ugly tie-die to make you feel ubber sexy. only good thing about this is when i spill on myself it'll look like it's part of the design.

my personal favorite. when i look like a beached whale, i'm pretty sure no amount of camo is going to hide me. really?

i'm sure there are better suits out there, but i'm not a rich lady so i'm praying they're going to be on-sale.

in general i think the designers who make maternity clothes seem to think that pregnant women lose all sense of style, design and structure when they get pregnant. i don't mind a few flowy tops, but all of them? again. really?

i want to feel like i look good sporting my baby bump. problem is that the super cute clothes are at places like the gap and specialty stores, and mama can't afford those. just going to have to save my pennies and keep looking.

hope you got a good laugh out of the ridiculous suits. i know i did. have a great day!


  1. What about Old Navy? I like the tiedye one bc I'm POSITIVE I would spill something on myself. -Rena

  2. they have a cute one they just introduced! i checked them out this afternoon, and i think i'll go try it on towards the end of next month.

  3. Maybe try TJMaxx or marshalls! Don't know if they have maternity stuff, but I've found regular swimsuits there! ~Megan Fick

  4. LaMO lol good'll have to post a picture of the one you end up buying!

  5. Ahhh man ... so glad I totally escaped the maternity swimsuit drama! Hope you find something you like :-)


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