we needed family time a few weeks ago and this is where we ended up.
not too shabby a view if you ask me.

the hubbs has been working ALOT lately and it's taken it's toll on our little family. especially the little guy. i get used to daddy being gone (not in a good way, but i just get used to it.), but the little mischief maker asks for daddy all day and thinks that every car is daddy, and every knock on the door is daddy. it breaks my heart to tell him, no love, daddy's at work. that's why we needed family day.

there is something special about the beach for me. we were actually going to go to the zoo, and at the last min the hubbs suggested we go to the tide pools.

i don't know why it means so much to me. i can't tell you exactly how but something wonderful happens in my soul when we are there.

i feel like i can breath. deep soul cleansing rejuvenating breaths.

we've always loved going to the beach together. which may explain why we got engagged at the beach, married at the beach and honeymooned in kauai.

seeing these two together makes my heart feel so big. how did i get so blessed? how did God choose me to be with them? the big one makes me feel so loved and complete, and the little one stole what was left of my heart and gobbled it up.
i think he might love it a little. only a little bit though.

love this one. he has no fear and an absolute love for getting wet!
the poor hubby had to grab him so many times so he wouldn't get swept away with the tide.
yes. he's knocking on the rocks. i've started to learn there are a lot of things boys do that don't make any sense at all.
now we are teaching our little man to love the beach. and seeing things through his eyes are the best way to see things. i learn so much from him and for us to share one of our favorite things with him is so much fun.

every time we go it's like seeing it for the first time. feeling the sand in our toes for the first time. the excitement of anticipating that cold rush of water when the waves his our legs. exploring, learning, growing... and that's just my experiences.

found this cool old banged up boat to take a few pics next too.
it was cool for about two seconds. that's the attention span of an almost two year old.
proof that i was there!

the whole day was wonderful. i felt refreshed and had so much fun. i hope we can go again soon.

if you noticed my pictures looked better that was because not only does my husband love me, but he spoils me. he spent some of our tax return on a new canon camera for me!!!

love that man.
now, if you'll excuse me i need to go nibble those cheeks.

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  1. precious! The beach has magical powers! i can 'breath' there too! it just completes me!


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