coupons {part 2}

if you are still with me from our first coupon post, i thank you. if you are just joining us, welcome. i am doing a short (maybe) series on how i save money on items in our home by couponing and deals. it's very trendy the last few years to use coupons for shoping, with the TLC show, but there are a lot of extreme situations on that show that may deter people from doing it. i am here to say that i don't spend 40+ hours a week on coupons. i don't have 10+ coupons per item. i don't have a grocery store of my own also known as the garage. but, i do save money and i do enjoy it. 
finding the deals is half the battle and we discussed knowing your local stores policies and being a rewards members. now we need to talk about where to get your coupons so you can pay the lowest price!

the first is the store itself:
most stores will let you use two coupons per item, one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon. if you are a rewards member you will receive coupons either by mail, by email, in their weekly ad or (for cvs) also when you go to the store. those are your store coupons. target and some grocery stores do digital coupons as well that you can upload to your card via their website. i personally don't do that because i need something in hand to remind me. let's be honest, if i'm not holding my kids hand i might forget where they are.  but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use that feature if you want.

manufacturer coupons can be found a number of ways:
the sunday paper has coupon inserts. usually the major newspaper will have the best. so for $2 you are getting $50+of savings. well worth it.
websites are another way of maximizing your savings. you can go to major ones like,,, and there are multitudes of others if you type in the name of the item you are planning on purchasing.
manufacturer websites & facebook pages often have coupons and promotions. if you have a specific item that is frequently on your list and rather expensive (the luxury of baby food pouches is my weakness) it's wise to sign up on their website for notices of deals and special promotions. 
contacting the manufacturer directly has been talked about on the krazy coupon lady, but to be honest i've never tried. i think about it and then i get stressed they'll say no. 
friends and family. my mom and a few of her friends send me their coupons from their papers so i can stock up on frequent items (thanks megan!!!) it never hurts to ask friends that receive the paper for their coupons if they don't use them. or even ask your co-workers and neighbors. 

this week i went out and got these goodies:
my favorite parts:
  gillette fusion proglide razor regular $11.99-FREE
  schick slim twin razor regular $8.99- FREE
  dawn dish soap regular $1.59-FREE
  huggies little swimmers regular $9.99- $2.00
  enfamil formula regular $26.99-$10.00

the hubby asked if i could get him some razors after seeing last weeks haul of mostly girl ones. so...i think i got it covered babe.

next time we'll talk about what to buy, when and why. please let me know if you have any questions you'd like me to address too!! i always appreciate comments and would be more than happy to answer questions!

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