IG Friday

here's my life in photos for last week.
linking up with jeanett from life rearranged.
truly a face only a mother could love. and being her mother, i'm even doubting it.
this girl is a mess each and every meal time. i think i forget that she's only 21 months and this is pretty standard for a kid not yet 2 years old. but the process involved in cleaning that beautiful face kills me every time.

this sweet child of mine may make me grey. she is so adventurous and maybe its more me and i am super distracted but she gets hurt more than anyone. i mentioned that she fell out of the trailer, well we get home and she falls into the kiddie pool. right between my feet. scared the day lights out of her though! we snuggled for over an hour and she just sat still and never made a sound. i think she was realizing that was a bad decision.

you think they're being loving don't you? don't believe it. the middle one is an avid hair puller, and that commenced immediately after i took the picture.
our backyard is our favorite place. outside pajama time is mandatory in the summer being that we can't step foot outside after 10:30 or it's like walking on the surface of the sun.
she knows who to sit by during nap time.
grumpy, sick and gorgeous. this girl may be holding my heart more days than not.
it's hard to break up the routine of after bed time. usually we watch movies or netflix. three kids later we still struggle with the loss of independence sometimes. it's hard not to jump in the car and go get drinks, or go see a late night movie. so this week we did a fire pit and just enjoyed the stars and conversation.

this kid and i needed a date. big time. we've been struggling to get along and it was super important for he and i to go and do stuff with out the girls. ice cream and books are two things we love. i introduced him to two friends. ben and jerry. and their friend sprinkle waffle cone.
i wish i could have captured the look on his face when he saw the book section. "oh mom!!!!!! look at alllllllll thoooose books!!!!" i died. we were there for over an hour. and i bought our first chapter book to read together. he has a sensitive heart so as much as i wanted to start the lion the witch and the wardrobe i settled on stuart little

that was our week so far. i hope yours was amazing and that your weekend is even better. summer is here, friends are out of school and it's play date at the pool time. lots of love!!!!


  1. Hi, stopping by from instafriday!

    I love that you and your son went on a date for ice cream and books to reconnect. So sweet. :o) It is obvious he has a love of reading and books and that is a great gift to have given him.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the cheerio stuck on Cora's neck in pic #1! I too love it that you did the date with Laine and think that you should keep doing those dates every once in awhile. He loves his mommy so much, but I think he does suffer from the competition for your attention and time!

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