IG {all about the girls}

this weeks feed was heavily female oriented.
but then again, my household is primarily female, so it was bound to happen.
i think i say it all the time, but holy thunder thighs batman! 
they are amazing in real life. 
changing this kids clothes is one of my favorite things to do because it get to squash those yummy thighs. 

kinda playing together. 
that's my old sesame street playhouse that my mom saved. you can here her playing with it and saying, "doot dee doot" in a sweet girly singsong voice. love it.

those cheers are wonderful. and i love a milk drunk exhausted sleepy baby at the end of the day. 

i do not however love a 7 month old who is crawling. she started on the "white-ish" (let's be honest it hasn't been white since i had kids.) carpet where the paci is. 60 seconds later i found her across the floor. 

the girls and i took a few days to go visit a girl friend of mine and her two girls in arroyo grande. 

these girls are 1 year apart and they did great together. 

these girls 2 months apart and they loved each other!!

i have a major obsession with reading books. always have. kids kinda take time available out of my day, but when i got back this little bundle of wordy love was waiting for me! i may or may not have gone on a 'book-deprived' shopping spree on amazon.

she is the happiest kid i've ever had. everything is smiles. everything is happy.
she got herself stuck in the basket and was totally happy about it. 

i'm linking up with jeanette again.

it's been warm, albeit hot even. which hurts me to say. i hate the heat out here, so i'm thinking the beach or the pool this week. hope everyone says cool and has a great weekend!!


  1. Those baby legs!! Squeee!!

    I have those moments too where I do a total book spree on Amazon. It is just soooo easy.

    Stopping by from Instafriday- have a great weekend!

  2. That stack of books looks so yummy.

    Good luck packing... looks like quite a list!

    What cute girls you have, baby thighs are the best :)

    Dropping in from IF.

  3. Ohhh. Those thighs are super cute! And I have a book problem too. But I just pick up one at a time. Like that is fooling my husband! Ha! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.


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