the itch

i've got the itch to do some sewing.
the boys are away this weekend for some family time. and, as much as i wanted to go, i'd rather listen to continuous nails on a chalkboard than the girls being stuck in a car for three hours. which is basically the same thing actually. 

so, while the boys are away mommy wants to play.
i've been wanting to go out and do some shopping for the girls with this warm weather we've been having. however, we are on a pretty tight budget. i actually love our budget, but it doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room for trendy shorts and such. 

however, i have a hoard of fabric that i like to pretend i'll do stuff with. it's my precious. i want to look at it and think about what i would do with it. and today {hopefully} i'm going to make something with them!

i'm thinking one of these babies for sure...

love this skirt for the little miss. it'd be so cute with jellies. 

this romper kills me. i'm thinking the baby would be amazingly adorable in it.

dresses on the girls are almost my favorite thing ever. and daddy really likes seeing them in them too.

i'm loving the skirt and this last dress. we'll see. i'll post pics of my final work!! 

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