well hellooooo there.
i've been mia for a few weeks doing things like changing diapers, scraping boogies off the wall, paying off all of our debt. {yes, i just said, all of our debt. all of it. minus the house. but, more on that later}  you know all the normal stuff that a crazy life is made of.

linking up to show the week {or weeks, ahem, in my case} with jeanett.

this girl is 1 1/2 and we are in full on crazy toddler stage. she got all of her memos early, like crawling at 8 months and walking by 10, but this one is my least favorite. i do still love her though. 
here she can be seen saying, "this was once mine, so therefore it is still mine. step off."

this kid. he is not a fan of pants {who is?} and with our amazing spring weather takes any opportunity to go sans pants. now, the daddy in this house is cooler than cool. he used a ton of left over pvc pipe to make weapons. you can see in this photo a sward, a "bazooka" and the one he is holding actually is a sniper rifle (the scope is behind his head). daddy is pretty popular here. 

i've been striving to take walks in the evening as often as possible.

walks are being prompted by a failed {i mean major FAIL} attempt to fit in to normal people clothes. 

i just want to pour butter all of her rolls and nibble on them. and, put her in a dress! i die from the cuteness. 

she totally sucks her tongue and it's one of the cutest things ever.

he will be four in a few weeks and i can really tell he's growing. look at those chicken legs. 
he's got big feet too. gonna be a tall one. 

and this. this is just standard awesomeness on the way to grandma's house. 

well, i'm wishing i was at blissdom, but maybe next year. 

hope you all have a great weekend. 

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