everyday countdown clipboard

i hate how long it takes me to do anything these days.
should probably get used to will do that to ya.
none the the craft project.
so, were you trying to guess what it was?
did you guess a clip board?
if were right!
here's my finished project.

an everyday countdown clipboard!

i wanted a clipboard to help countdown events that could stay up year round.
i have one for christmas, but this will be able to be up for the everyday stuff, like when school starts, birthday's, daddy coming home from a long time at work, vacations, etc...

so helpful to have this for the little mischief maker dude. he has zero concept of time, as he should at three. drives this mama crazy though...

i only needed to buy the clip board, but i used scrapbook paper, mod podge and chalkboard paint so i can change the event anytime i need to.
love the fun sparkle dots too...
it's beautiful and fun and something i've wanted to make for a while.

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