wednesday's are wonderful

about last week. sorry.
life gets me some days.

welcome to wonderful wednesdays. 
if you're new here, i started this series to help me stay accountable in two ways.
1. blogging on a weekly basis.
2. be grateful.

that being said...
mister mischief:
you have such a wonderful love for water. 
i think all boys do, but that's just my guess.
whether it's soap in a bucket with a sponge or the ocean you are totally happy. i think that is so great and i hope you always share the love for the water.

baby sister:
watching you rub your virgin baby toes in the sand was wonderful. and after running the grains thru your sweet fingers, you did the normal baby thing. you ate it. 
though we did try so hard with the "bo-bo" in your mouth to keep it from happening. 
no such luck. oh well. 

i also think that your need for me is so wonderful. i love that you are a total mama's girl. 
i love it because i know it won't last.
 i know some day you are going to realize how much you have that daddy wrapped around your chubby baby fingers...and you'll be done with me. 
so i'll take each wonderful snuggle sesh as often as i can. 

well that's my wonderful for the week. i hope you had a few "wonderful" moments in your week too!!!

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