linking up with jeanett to share my pics from this week. 

life rearranged

this is his grumpy face. i like to smooch it, and then it gets even more grumpy. 

i had some big decisions to make with access to the sister-in-laws nail polish stash.
i chose the grey one, front row right hand side. 

sister is a big fan of the splits. wish i was that bendy.
and yes, i am letting her chew on cars with tiny wheels. 
second kid, not that stressed.

fantastic evening for a walk. 
all that was missing was the daddy.
{call me crazy, but those baby thighs are delicious looking}

love these two together. 
they are kinda my favorites.

it is hot enough for mama to go a little crazy, 
so we busted out the cutest little girl swim suit and headed to the pool!!
thanks miss stacy!!

that was just a snippet of our week in pics. hope you had a great week. 
we have a fun wedding that we have been anticipating for a while tomorrow. can't wait!!

and....i'm planning on starting a new series next'll have to stop by to see!

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