i was doing so good. 
so good at consistency and then bam! i slacked off and you haven't heard from me in weeks. 

sorry. truly. i have an excuse. but we'll get to that in a min.

there's been a lot going on in this household. 
this crazy kid is about to turn 3. 
don't have a clue how that happened.
and in all honesty, kinda don't wanna talk about it.

i will talk about the fact that the toddler/preschool age may not be my fav.
he's a real joy right now. {said, oozing with sarcasm}
i love him. don't get me wrong. and i know it's just a "phase," but the little dude is killing me.

these are his favorite phrases right now...
"no. i ne'er gonna listen you mama."
"don't you talk me like that right now."
"you go away. i mad at you."
"i ne'er love you."
"no. i will not go poop. i ne'er go poop."

like i said, a real joy.
but, he does melt me in that special the-boy-who-made-me-a-mama way.
i can't deny the fact that all i want to do is squeeze him and snuggle him, and sometimes give him away.
but i love him with a love that is more than love {poe.}

then there's this little girl!!
six. months. old.
shoot me. where did the time go?!

she is:
18.1 lbs. with deliciously large thighs.
sitting all by our big girl self
eating solids
sleeping thru the night. praise the lord!
a big girl with her two bottom teeth
and scooching around. backwards.
i love her. love her. love her. love her. love her.
she kills me and i die inside a little every time she gives me that big huge i-missed-you-while-i-was-sleeping smile in the morning.

now. to the reason i've not been blogging.

i've been tired.
kinda not feeling too well.
sorta nauseous here and there. everyday.
wake up all the time to pee.
can't stand the smell of tomato soup or the thought of pesto.
definitely in love with onion dip.
i'm pregnant.
again. {no. this is not a funny joke. haha}

13 weeks. due the day after baby girls birthday. but {finger's crossed} i'll be early like i was with her.

to answer your impending questions:
no. we did not plan this.
yes. we were very surprised. shocked might even be a better word. and, i may or may not have said a few bad words when i looked at the test for the 15th time just to make sure the second line hadn't faded away.
yes. i will be very busy and definitely have my hands full. i realize this.
sure. it could be tons of fun having them super close together.
our families are excited. who doesn't love babies? {especially when you can give them back to their parents and send them home.}

but in all honesty we are happy. it's going to be completely crazy.
mad house crazy. but we can handle it...i hope.
 all that being said, i hope you'll forgive me for my absence and i promise to be more diligent about posting and keeping in touch!!


  1. Awe, Amy, I am so excited for you guys! What a joy to be able to throw another little monkey into this crazy life we have. Three is wonderful!!! Just wonderful!!! (with actually not an ounce of sarcasm {for a change}) Let me know if I can help with anything. Even if it's taking the almost three year old. :0) I've got a little (just a little) experience and a room full of toys that he can play with.

  2. So fun! and crazy!!! You are in my prayers often. Miss you! Hope to see you guys soon :) :)


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