what does the word special mean to you?

does it mean something wonderful? or does it mean something "not normal"? 

like when someone says, "oh, well they're special." or.
like "special ed." or.
like the "special bus."

to me when someone is labeled "special" it makes my blood boil.
which i feel i must explain. 

my sister emily was born on March 20, 1984 with spina bifida. and her entire life has been a battle.
an up hill battle to just. be. normal.
to not be special. in the "special ed" way, but special in the wonderful way.

i have watched her be ridiculed. 
i have watched her be humiliated.
i have watched her be watched by others who can't stop starring.
i have watched her heart be broken.
i have watched her be gracious.
i have watched her overcome.
i have watched her triumph over societies standards for her.
i have watched her soar. 

she has dreams.
she has goals.
she has a life.
a life that she lives harder than anyone else.
a life that she must fight to be accepted in every day.

a few years ago i was introduced to the best blog ever.

she has a magical little girl named nella. 
she was born with an extra special chromosome.
it was a surprise to everyone, but they new she would be something special.

kelle has taken on using her beautiful, amazing, fantabulous blog to help spread awareness and love for the down syndrome family. 

it's almost nella's second birthday and they have a goal. 
to help dreams come true for families who only want their children to be seen how they see them.

a gift.

so go over to kelle's blog. read nella's birth story. 
get to know them. fall in love with them.
watch kelle's video. and then donate. 

do it. do it for nella. do it for those beautiful babies in the video. 
do it for emily. 

thank you.

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  1. I read her birth story almost a week ago and could not stop crying. It was amazing. I also have to say that every single time I see your sister she knows me by name, not matter how long it has been since I've seen her, she always picks up right where we left off. She is SPECIAL (in the good way) and in my opinion, lives her life in a way that a lot of people should live their own life. She is a beautiful soul who loves people, doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for sharing Amy.


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