what's happen' y'all?
okay. i don't have an accent, but thought that'd be fun to say.

we are busy over here. it's been all party party party the last few weeks. and just craziness every night after the kids go to sleep.

re-wrapping, cause they look awful. (not my gift, the art of wrapping)
calling my sister-in-law to come and save the wrapping disaster of 2011. (definitely her gift.)
hiding gifts (the hubby is a horrible snoop)

i realized the little girl is 3 months old (well, i didn't realize, i knew.) and i haven't shown you pics in a while.

so here's what's happening these days:

tummy time.

she's so cute. except at 1 a.m. cute. but maybe not "so cute." she's really good at tummy time, and then she does her other trick that i didn't photo. puke. girl loves to puke.

finding our hands.

they are constantly in her mouth, and i've caught her a few times watching them.
i love knowing that she is making connections in her sweet little brain. she's growing and learning something new all the time.

wait for it.........trying to roll over.

i know. proposterous! she's 13 weeks and trying hard everyday to freak me out and make me cry mommy tears because my baby i just brought home from the hospital is trying to roll off the bed, couch, and any other surface i put her on. seat belts are buckled to keep this one in place.


there's been an infestation of lizards in our house thanks to mister mischief's great grandma. there are frequent attacks and they usually tend to be focused on my butt. i also find them in random places (see photo above.) apparently they needed to eat ice chips. maybe they were going to give birth soon? never helped me, but hey whatever works.

 they make me bubble over with love. especially when she hasn't seen me in a while (5 mins in baby world is almost an eternity.) and the talking. kills me. i have no problem making a huge fool out of myself to get her to {almost} laugh.

my boy wants to cook all the time. lucky for him i can't help but bake during the holiday season. christmas at our house means pumpkin chocolate chip bread. they will serve this in heaven. and it will have no calories or repercussions for your hips up there either. bonus!
his super cute apron is from April.

big girl sitting in her big girl seat.
she wants to be big and sit so much, so i busted out the good ole' bebe pod and voila we are sitting.
don't you want to kiss her lips and then spike her little mohawk.

so that's been what's goin' on around here. hope it's not too busy where you are and that you get to sit, relax and enjoy the upcoming holiday.

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