i have recently felt such a challenge in my stage of life. i want to do more.
i complain that i don't have enough time in my day to get things done.
laundry. floors. dishes. crafting. you name it.
but today my world has taken a shift. and i can't stop thinking about the fact that there is a different kind of "do more" i really need to be involved in.

i need to not just do more but "be more." and be apart of a group of people doing more.
so. i am doing more. and you can too. i have joined up with julie from joy's hope for their happy day project.

happy day
if you don't know julie and her adorable family you are really missing out. and by "know" i mean drool over her amazing ability to mix colors and her style, laugh at her hilariousness, or spill tears over the story of her sweet joy. and by "know" i mean have absolutely no relationship with her other than the one in your head and blog world. :)

you can click on the button to read more about the entire project. but we made up for day one & two today.

day one:
bring a treat to a neighbor. we are smudging the lines a little and taking it to daddy's firestation to share with the firefighters.
high class cookies. thank you pillsbury.
day two. write a note.
my boy loves to color, so i gave him the blank note card and we'll be sending that off to someone special. and i used the color one to write a card to this family.
go to that website and read. i then dare you to do nothing. there is no possible way you'll be able to. because we are called to do something. do more. we are called to love others. to give to those who need it.

my family has spent many a years in hospitals and dealt with many hospital bills. (i'll blog about that some day i'm sure.) so i understand that this wonderful family, going thru so much, could use a little extra love from complete strangers.
make a difference in their day. it may seem so small, but to them it means so much more.
do more friends. do more.

tomorrow is give a gift card to someone homeless. what will you give?
I'm thinking McDonalds, or Subway... now go out there and make a difference in someone's day.

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