there are good messes and there are, let's not say "bad" messes, but messy messes.

my house is full of them right now. full. of. them. (a little bit of both unfortunately)
case in point:
my table looked a whole lot cleaner for this post didn't it. ha.

i know it's my phase of life, with two kids under 3...there's not a ton of free time.
and, usually i would have such a hard time with the messes.
my craft room...a total disaster. i don't mind creative chaos, but holy moly this is a little crazy.

but. i find myself totally not caring anymore. i know it will get done.

because, honestly, this kinda mess is way more important.

i know i'm called to be a keeper of my home and it's very important that i find balance in this crazy time of life. but there is nothing more important that i am called to do than love my husband and raise my children. and, i could care less about dirty dishes in the sink when my son says he wants to play trains with me.

i've had some wiser older women in my life tell me that it's all about one thing. getting one thing done a day (if you do more that's great, but only strive for one). i think that's a great goal for right now. and i need to remember that it's a perfectly acceptable goal.

there is an amount of grace involved in this phase of life. i may not get it all done, but i will use as many '15 min miracles' as i can to work thru the mess. and if i don't get it all done it's okay because i played with my son today, was encouraged by some much needed words, and spent a little time for me.

i hope you get to enjoy some time today for all the important things! even if that includes the dishes...


  1. I know I say it a lot and maybe in some ways I have said it so much that it has lost its impact for you, but I love you with all my heart and am so proud of you. Messes will get taken care of in time. This boy and your little girl need you so much and no one will impact them more than you and Brent. I was so impressed with how you handled Halloween and scary things last night. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  2. I don't know what I like reading more, your awesome posts or your dad's sweet comments about the post! Seriously makes me want to cry in a good way. Keep do'en what your do'en you have the right perspective!


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