time warp

things i forgot about having a newborn:

1. there is a serious time warp or twilight zone effect that happens in your home. each day seems to last a millennia, yet she's almost 1 month old. {how did that happen?}

2. there is no limit to the amount of spit up you can wear on any given day.

3. babies do not observe the traditional noise ordinances or curfews in place in most counties.

4. there is a sensor on my daughter's bottom that tells her there's a nice clean diaper on her and she can now poop in it. i am looking for this sensor and hopefully its off switch.

5. coffee is vital. i'd like to have my l&d nurse come over and hook up an i.v. of it.

6. the word engorgement is as painful as it sounds.

7. don't tell the baby you want her to sleep, she is a big fan of the opposite game.

8. what's that scientific thing about how sound can trigger memories or feelings in the brain? yeah it's true, any baby cries, my boobs are compelled to feed it.

9. their smell is the most wonderful smell in the whole world. if they could make a car smell like new many more women would be buying cars!!

10. there is nothing like holding a sweet lovey on your chest while they drift off to dream land.
things i've learned about having a toddler and a newborn:
1. if you hear that sweet little voice saying "oh my baby" while you've steped out of the room for all of three seconds, RUN. run like the wind. because most likely your toddler is trying to get into the swing with the baby.

2. toddler's like to be helpers. using this to my advantage has been helpful. except for when he wants to help me when i'm feeding the baby.

3. toddler boys are very aware and interested in why the baby is eating from mommy. and also equally interested in why they can't do the same.

4.both kids are equally capable of pooping out their pants and up their backs. this can and will happen at any given time or place. say for example church, and you get the poop all over your pants too. i guess that's what i get for laughing at how hard my daughter has to work to get her poops out. :)

5. though the toddler states that he wants to hold his sister, do not expect him to do so for long. and once done holding her, there will be zero warning and he will jump up from sitting much like a fighter pilot being ejected from his plane. be prepared to grab baby at any moment.
6. there is nothing like the love between siblings. already my little man loves his sister like crazy. and i am so grateful he's not trying to kill her.

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