we're in for a heap of trouble...

first mistake...going into baby gap.

second mistake...bringing my husband.
not for the reason you'd think. he is a good shopper actually. the littlest man hates all things stores, but that's probably because he hates to sit still in the cart or stroller. actually, my husband will spend more money than i will sometimes. hence, mistake number two.

have you seen the new girl stuff at baby gap? do yourself a favor and check it out if you're having a girl. but first do yourself another favor and cut up your credit card.

i wanted one of everything in every size for her. i'm not a fru-fru girly-girl, but i love vintage feminine. and that is SO what their new line is!!! very up-town new york vintage adorable.

case in point:
she'd need a little party to go to in this one. adorable.

i almost died over this jacket...can they make one in grown-up sizes too?

i did buy this one. super cute and a nice not-pepto-bismol pink to add to her wardrobe.
we did walk away with this dress. all at the hubby's request. i was going to put it back (even though i really liked it), especially since daddy found the little man some big rig truck pjs (that weren't on sale) and they needed to be purchased.

but i have a feeling this little girl is going to be slightly spoiled by her daddy. she's already getting things from him and she's not even here yet.

wrapped around her little pinky already? most definitely.

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