wedding weekend

it's was a wedding weekend in the k family.
the hubster was best man at his brother's wedding, and little man was the ring barer.
they got married in santa barbara on a beautiful summer weekend!

rehearsal day:
so glad to have this lady officially apart of our family!!
love my man.

wedding day:
gonna admit i was super hesitant to send my boy down the isle. i thought for sure it'd be a repeat of the ring-barer disaster of may 2011. but this time we came prepared with his favorite thing ever.

a sucker. i could get my kid to do just about anything as long as he has a sucker in his mouth!!

daddy had to bribe him with a second one, but it worked out pretty cute!!
i love those two.
now, once down the isle we had gummy bears, snacks, cars, stickers & crayons, books, anything that would keep the boy quiet. it kinda worked.

he did point out all the airplanes & birds to the guests, but he is cute so that helped.
made this 'just married' sign for the bride & groom's bicycle. turned out super cute.
daddy is saying: don't you want to take a picture with us?
toddler answer: no!

we are officially on baby watch at this point.

the last three office appointments i've had external measurements that were 2-4 weeks bigger than my actual gestational size. in non-pregnant people terms...i'm huge and there had to be a reason.

thus, we got an ultrasound!! i love seeing those pictures and hearing that heartbeat!!! my ultrasound tech ended up being a former parent at the daycare i worked for long ago, so i got to see so much more than just measurements.

see those two feet...they are in poking my side at all times.
can't wait to kiss them.

so, the results, little girl is measuring 2 weeks ahead and my due date is being moved up to sept. 9th from the 25th. that put's me into crazy-pregnant-lady-nesting mode. i should have the nursery completed by next week and will do a big post all about it!!

i just recently made a few crafts too, but i'll save those pics for a different post. see you soon!

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