my watermelon & teal baby shower

i was showered with blessings for my baby girl this weekend!
us girls have done four baby showers this year and mine was the last...unless someone isn't telling us something.

here's some eye candy courtesy of mather photography:
the word "yum" doesn't describe the goodies these girls provided. martha "stewart" made amazing baguettes w/ ricotta cheese, prosciutto, and peaches and it was amazing.
mandy made this pizza...well, you all know how i feel about pizza these days. delish!
mandy... doesn't she have such a great smile?
i really didn't want my picture taken, but miss tiffany worked her photo magic and it turned out good despite my protesting.
super cute baby cake from stacy!
dear friend kelly. she made me the most adorable blanket & burp clothes.
everyone wanted one!!!
martha "stewart" working her craftiness too with these cute pom-poms.

secret confession: i hate. repeat hate. opening gifts in front of people. always have, always will.

but if you wrapped her up as a present for me i'd take her home in a new york min!!!
i want to nibble on her.
adorable and so precious gift from my girl friend brandi.
not sure i'll ever put her in this 'cause if she got it messy i'd probably cry.
little girl got seriously hooked up with adorable clothes. so much fun.

to say i love these women is so inadequate. they are a wonderful source of friendship and fellowship in my life. i love each of them so much for who they are and what they mean to me.

thank you girls for a wonderful day that made me feel very special. love you bunches!

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  1. Amy you look GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those 37 (39 now?) weeks are beautiful on you! and everything is so super cute!


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