shout out

i have some talented friends.

i am constantly encouraged by their level of creativity.

so i just thought i'd throw a little shout out to them and let them inspire you.
check out their links to see all their amazing items!!

Taylor: scrapbooks

she's a long time friend and our boys are only 5 weeks apart. and, now our girls are going to be a few months apart!!! so fun having babies with friends.

she makes the cutest custom scrapbooks!! she does everything and they are adorable!
she also has a great blog here. i get a lot of my idea's for educational and fun activities with the little mister from hers.

Tiffany: photography

she's been a dear, dear friend for a long time now. we are practically the same person, except she's amazing with a camera. she took the picture below for me as a group gift for my mother-in-law.
it made her cry (my mil, not tiff. )...success in my book!
you should look at all the great stuff she's shot here.

Kelly: burp cloths, make-up rolls, and lots of other sewn goodies.
again, kelly and i have been friends for a long time. our hubbies are pretty much best friends, and we've grown super close over all the years.

she's got a great eye for pretty fabrics and her burp cloths are super durable (i'd know, my kid had GERD and they came in handy a lot!)
isn't that a beautiful way to carry around your make-up brushes when you travel, or when you don't travel for that matter. check out her etsy page here.

Katie: calligraphy

katie's husband and i grew up in the same church when we were kids, and she's one of the sweetest people i know! they currently live in tacoma, wa. and i am super jealous.

she is amazing at calligraphy. you really need to look at all her beautiful photos on her etsy page.
i don't think i'd throw away that card if i got it in the mail!! way to cute. i'd frame it.

Lara: custom tiles

lara lives next to my parents and my son is madly in love with her daughter! it's super cute. he stands in my folks back yard and shouts her name over the wall hoping she'll come out to play. she's going into 6th grade, i think.

he's going to be a lady killer i tell ya. :)

anywho... i received this a.m.a.z.i.n.g gift for mother's day from my dad and lara made it!!!

so cute!! i almost started crying. so cute.
wait, i already said that. well, it's super cute. (there that's different.)

she also has tons of regular tiles in stock, not just custom ones.
you should check out her website here.

well, thanks for letting me share a little bit of the wealth of creativity around me. i hope you have a creative weekend and enjoyed my talented friends.


  1. Wow, Amy thanks so much for mentioning my biz! Every "word of mouth" helps! Kyla had a huge smile as I read to her about your little man!


  2. I love mine !!!!! Laura you rock !!!
    Tracy :)

  3. Thanks are so sweet and kind to even mention my stuff! However my Etsy page needs some help...more items to list.


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