i am so glad you chose to marry me six years ago today.
you made me a beautiful bride. not because of my dress, but because of the joy that i had inside knowing that we were going to finally be husband and wife.
i am so glad that you saw the 'me' inside, and not the 'me' i was trying so hard to be.
you are so much the better half of our relationship.
you challenge me. to be better, to try harder, to enjoy more, to let go when things need to be let go.
you make me laugh. a lot.
you make me cry. sometimes.
you make me so very happy. always.

you made me a mom. and you had the confidence in me that i would be a good mom.
you gave me the greatest joy i could ever have with the birth of our son.
thank you so much for that.

you work so hard for our family.
you sacrifice in ways many will never understand.
i miss your company like crazy when you're at work, but i so appreciate your work ethics, and your love for our family.
i know that you put our family first. that is so rare these days. you value our time together and desire to be with us and invest in us.
you are a man that others desire to be around because of your character and great personality.
i am so proud of you. every. day.

you two together make me melt. i could watch you boys play all day.
i love how he wants to be you so badly.
i love that when you have a tool in your hand, he needs a tool in his hand.
i love that he is your shadow and is sad when you aren't home.
i love that you both sleep exactly the same.
he may look like me a lot, but he is all you. and i wouldn't have it any other way.
after six years of marriage, and a total of 11 years together,
i am still m.a.d.l.y. in love with you.
you still make my heart skip a beat.
you still make me absolutely crazy at times.
you are still the person i want to go sleep next to at night.
you are still the one i want to go to the movies with and make fun of the
jr. highers with.
you keep me grounded, laughing, sane, comforted, and safe.

i am yours.
i was 11 years ago when you asked me to be your girlfriend.
i was 6 1/2 years ago when you asked me to marry you.
i was 6 years ago when i said "i do."

i am so much more today than ever before. totally and completely yours.

i love you Mr. K. with all of my heart.

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