love on a lovely day

my hubby and i have had a lot of valentine's days together. eleven to be exact. and yesterday may have been my fav. it wasn't all about what "i got" or if my hubby did anything extravagant (like the three dozen pageant style roses i received our 1st v-day.).

but it was about us. our family. days like yesterday feed my soul. i need them. badly.

we started our morning slow and that was nice. we are so similar that we got each other the same gifts. the little one and i made daddy his favorite cookies decorated with love:
(and a small amount of sprinkles)
i paired that up with some of his fav. candies and a homemade card. he got me my fav. cookies w/ sprinkles & my fav. candies. :) i love that we know each other's little luxuries that we don't get to enjoy very often.

now, all morning i'd been wanting to suggest we go to ventura and visit our favorite little lunch spot, but decided not to because i didn't want him to think i was trying to control the day. he said he had some ideas, so i was going to let him take care of it. now sure enough, he says to me from the shower, "ya know what i really want to do today babe?" "what?" "go to Anacapa Brewing in Ventura." "NO WAY!! that's what i want to do!"

and so we went. it was a glorious day. the food was amazing. if you ever go you have to get the onion rings and an ojai sandwich. yum! we decided to, very impromptu, go to the beach as well after lunch. best idea (second to our lunch choice of course.). ever.

we showed up at low tide. it was amazing. we could walk out almost all the way to the end of the breakwater. we loved exploring the sand and the wade pools.
(this is the beach he proposed to me at)
he liked exploring them a little too much. but, he's a boy. a boy with zero fear & a serious love for water.
didn't stop him at all that he was soaking wet.
it was absolutely beautiful.
i don't think i stopped smiling at these two boys the entire time. they have such a wonderful time together.

there were some seriously soaked clothes, but lots of giggles and smiles. he may have had sand everywhere (huge issue for me. i hate sand), and rode home in a diaper, but there were memories made. and that's all that mattered.

it was a great day. a great day.

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