top 10 places to have a complete meltdown

or at least my son thinks so.

10. the highchair- um... excuse me there is something green on my plate. yeah, this is not what i ordered.
9. the grandparents house- mommy must have said "no love, sorry. now go throw a fit and grandma will give it to you."
8. a parking lot- lord knows he'll hold hands with me inside the house, but you take one step on that asphalt and it's like he's figured out i have cooties or something.
7.the car- assuming you can get there with out #8 happening. remember when they were little and you could just turn up the volume and they'd settle down. now... not so much.
6. getting out of the bathtub- my son is special. i'm pretty sure he's part fish.
5. starbucks- i'm actually with him on this one. i get sad when i have to leave my happy place too.
4. going to baby church- he knows where we're going the moment we turn into the driveway. it doesn't stop once during the entire unloading and "walk of doom" as we call it.
3. gymboree- you kinda feel bad when the teacher has to sing so loud she starts to loose her voice by the end of class.
2.public places, mainly restaurants- any place really where people can look at us and judge us. it's as if people don't normally get to enjoy dinner with a screaming kid. must just be us then. I guess that goes with #10.
1. when ever or where ever the words "juice & cookie" are uttered and the "juice & cookie" are not produced in under 5 seconds- do not do this! i repeat. do. not. do. this. everyone in target knew that my son wanted his juice & cookie. i'm pretty sure the people working there were a few moments away from just giving him some for free, which has actually happened at #2.

honorable mention- a bathroom- did i mention it was a public bathroom. writhing around on the floor because he didn't. want. to. leave. why??? i have no clue. but if i could have i would have bathed him in bleach right then & there.


  1. I'm can totally relate! The only one I would add;and maybe you haven't had the joy of experiencing it yet but, and airplane! I know we were everyones favorite as Trevor screamed bloody murder at take off not because he was scared but because he had to sit in my husbands lap. My husband had to finally take him to the bathroom and bear hug him until he literally passed out from crying.... We drove the next year =)

  2. thankfully we haven't taken him on a plane yet. not looking forward to that one!


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