hoarding organizing

i found thru a series of blogs "a bowl full of lemons." she is doing a great series about organization. i didn't want to link up to it b/c i don't know if i can commit to the 21 days, and plus i'm 11 days behind. but you should check out some of the great ideas here. One of her days was to clean out the cabinet under the sink. here are my before and afters.

apparently i didn't know i had:
4 bottles of windex-all slightly used
3 bottles of jet dry- 2 completely empty
2 empty bottles of method cleaning products
3 swiffer duster wands, yet... no swiffer dusters
6 pairs, yes 6, of cleaning gloves
2 flash lights w/o batteries
and a ton of other crap!

i found the two green bins on sale at big lots for $2.50
the metal basket i think is target.
i decided to make the small side cabinet for emergencies
there's two flashlights now w/ batteries
latex gloves and a first aid kit
and a fire extinguisher!

have you ever seen the show hoarders? i'm slightly obsessed. it's like i can't stop watching. like a really bad car wreck. i. can't. stop.

so, when i watch the show i get super paranoid that i'll become a hoarder some day. my grandmother (who i miss and loved dearly) was slightly a hoarder. not so much on keeping crap, but she would buy almost anything if it was on sale. she figured that she'd use it some day or find someone who could use it. when my mom cleaned out her house after she passed she found something like 25+ rolls of wrapping paper.

look what i found in the cabinet by my sink. GASP!! i think this is about 2 years worth of grocery bags.

needed to be able to carry it out to the trash.

this scares me.

i am so much like her. i always thought i'd have to be really careful not to buy stuff just because it's on sale! so since i scare myself every monday night by watching hoarders, and i have genetics telling me to buy as many as i can one of everything, i am super stressed about staying organized and clutter free. apparently i wasn't scared enough about keeping useless crap!

needless to say i have the cleaning/organizing bug. stay posted for more updates on the "fight my hoarding campaign."


  1. LOVIN those baskets! Great job and thanks for linking up.

  2. Amy,

    You've taken the first step towards avoiding the hoarder curse!

    ...a fire extinguisher! You're husband, father and grandfather must be proud.

  3. Very inspiring! I'm going to check out the challenge. I TOTALLY relate to the hoarder grandma; mine's the same way! I live with her so I get a first had look at all of it. For her it's butter and bath products. She always says same thing, "it was on sale!" And I alway point out "butter's always on sale!"


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