the day after

I love Christmas. Let me repeat that, I LOVE Christmas. I love the decorations, the gifts, the chaos. I love the events that surround Christmas. Picking out the tree, driving around to look at lights, the annual parties with friends. All of it.

For Christmas my big boy got a kawasaki 4-wheel drive car. My husband picked it out. Which you probably could have guessed.

He was so excited to see it. Which, my son's excitement levels are typically thru the roof normally, but on Christmas they were record breaking.

I've always loved one day more than Christmas though. I am a huge fan of December 26th, the day after. When I was a kid, that was the day when we didn't get out of our pj's and my sister & I turned our living room into Barbie land! I think with all the craziness of driving to and from, what felt like, a million parties on Christmas day, the day after became about home and fun. And I love home and fun.

I intend on carrying on that tradition. This is my living room yesterday and this morning:
That's not even all his toys.

And another one:
Like the three legged table ontop of the table.

I love having a messy house and hate having a messy house all at the same time. Messes mean someone was just playing here. I love that my boy gets to get all his toys out and have a great time. We'll clean them up soon and re-organize them, till tomorrow when we do it all over again.

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