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I haven't posted in a while due to the fact that I've been crazy busy. My girlfriends and I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend who ishaving a girl in two months!! I was honored to get to put to use some of my ideas and make the decorations. And to make her some adorable gifts for her baby girl! But more on that later.

We went camping last weekend. And by we I mean the three of us, Mr. B, myself and Mr. Mischief. It wasn't my idea to bring my son, but we were headed up north for a funeral and thought the little mischief maker would bring some joy to a sad situation. Anyways, to save on cost we chose camped on his parents property and used a double tent that had a big tent for mom & dad, and then a little tent for the little one, but they were connected by zippers.

His pack n' play fit in the little tent, but we had to bend the boy like silly putty to get him in it! I physically couldn't do it, and had headed up to the tent alone so Brent could spend time with his family. So, I had an overly tired toddler in an unfamiliar environment in a tent, in the dark, by myself. It had disaster written all over it. I tried to make a little bed for him in my sleeping
bag and hoped with all my heart that he might sleep next to me, but knew it wouldn't really work because he's never slept next to us in bed. When he finally got settled everyone else came home and for a split second I thought they might drive through our tent the lights were so bright. At that point my son became possessed by the energizer bunnies spirit. The entire situation became a game. At midnight I didn't think it was a fun game at all. I started fighting back tears of fatigue and had the hubbster put him in the pack n' play and then we all passed out! He slept for 5hours. BING! Wide awake with the sun. Then we took an overly tired toddler to a funeral. You can imagine how that went.

In the end my little love learned to sleep outside, and we learned that even though it was super hard to have a toddler (let alone an active one like mine), it was worth it to everyone else who enjoyed his sweet face and silly giggles.

Now, on to the adorable gifts and things for my friend. I was super motivated by the response I recieved with the items I made for the baby shower, and for other friends. So, I have decided to start selling some of my hand made items. Here are the examples (all can be made custom):

Flower Posey Pins: $4 or 3 for $10

Handmade Diaper wipes case: $15

Baby bonnets with coordinating flower poesy pin: $6 or 2 for $10

More to come! Email me if you are interested in any of the items.


  1. Despite the sad circumstances it sounds like u have an adventurous spirit and tried hard to make the best out of a very trying situation.U survived.u should make a t-shirt saying "I survived my 1st camping trip with Mr. Mischief!!!"

  2. Very cute stuff Amy. u r very creative!

  3. How about making some hats with lace,chiffon,boa feather or tuileing with the button.Just a thought for dressier.


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