My son has a lot in common with fish. His favorite movie is Finding Nemo. It's actually the only one he'll sit and watch for small moments. I've even caught him giggling at the fishies talking on the screen. His favorite snack is Gold Fish. If you see him coming and you have some, hide them. He will eat them. He's notorious around my friends for mooching fishies off their kids. Or just taking them from their kids. And lastly, I've been observing much more lately, he was made to be in the water.

We enjoyed a little friends birthday party today at a community pool. The kiddy pool was great. 1 foot, warm (I didn't ask if it was warmed, but I'm sure we all know how.), and not too small. The moment my son saw the pool he was almost in it fully clothed. I couldn't get his little white body in his swim suit fast enough. And in we went. By 'we' I mean both of us. I was the only mama in the pool, but this is due to the fact that my son is only 16 months and has NO idea how to swim. But boy does he try! Thus, I donned my swim suit and in I went, blinding the poor other parents as I did so.

He had a blast. We spent probably an hour in the pool before dinner, and he went under water on his own six times. Each time I had to grab him and bring him to the surface. Everyone gasped the first few times, but after seeing the ear-to-ear smile on his face they realized he was actually TRYING to do it. I love his strong willed and independent spirit, but in these situations it freaks me out! After dinner we were walking around and he kept trying to put his toes back in the water. So, in we went again. I love it. He is SO happy in water. It's like he's a selkie or something. The second time we were in the water another 45 mins. This time he went under four times. Mama to the rescue each time. The best part was that he figured out he could crouch down in the water and have it cover his shoulders. His cute little head just bobbed up and down with purple lips and so happy. He cried when I took him out of the pool. Broke my heart.

Love my little fish.

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  1. So happy to hear he loves the water. Makes it so much easier to teach them the actually feat of swimming. u can come use our pool anytime,anytime u want. no need to ask.the side gate is always unlocked.make urself at home.


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