kinda proud of my progress this week. 
i got pics of almost every day!!!

so, if you're new to this {which i'm sure you're not, but i'll explain anyway} i am linking up with lindsey cheney over at the pleated poppy. it's a challenge to put effort into our wardrobe and not be ubber contented in sweats. {which i will also say, i have no problem with sweats.} 

pleated poppy
so here's my week:
{notice anything different? hmmm? yes, the amazing brooke did it again! great hair cut and color}
pants: gap
both tanks: old navy

                              thursday: {my day look}                      thursday: {evening look}
                                potty training day one                    bible study date night with girls 
                                      pants: target                                          pants: ???
                                   lace tank: kohls                                  lace tank: kohls
                                  t-shirt: lafd wear                                striped shirt: kohls
                                                                                             necklace: target

                                        friday:                                                        friday:
{potential movie date at nap time with the hubs}           {no movie date with the hubs} 
                                   shirt: target                                                 shirt: target
                               lace tank: kohls                                           lace tank: kohls
                         jeans: gap skinny jeans                                jeans: gap sexy boot
                        new boots!!!:                         staying at shoes needed
                  necklace: haitian made jewelry                              necklace: forever21
                         from 3 Angels ministry

{worship team meeting in the a.m.}
lace ruffle shirt: old navy
tank: old navy
jeans: gap skinny jeans
socks: target
boots: new boots from
{$100 for only $35.99 w/ no shipping or tax!!!}
go get your hubby's permission to spend half of his paycheck 
and then go the site and buy awesome stuff. 

so...that's my week.

i love my new hair cut. just hate that i can't do it as nice as brooke can at my appointment. 
if i ever won the lottery, she'd be at my house every morning to make me look beautiful. that would be the life. 

hope you're having a great week. 
stop by friday when i link up my week in instagram pics!

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  1. I like all your fun necklaces! I always forget to accessorize.


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